a person who teaches, trains, tutors, coach, demonstrates, advises, counsels, guide

Full-Time  2 Months  /  Part-Time   3 Months   300 Hours

This program instructs the student in the following: curriculum development, lesson planning, teaching methods, classroom management teacher-student relationships, and testing evaluation. The entire program will consist of 300 hours.

Lesson Planning and Motivation: 100 Hours

Course outlining and development, Lesson planning  and motivation, Record keeping, Testing, Grading

General: 115 Hours

Book Knowledge, Teaching Techniques, Visual Aid Equipment, Classroom Management, Student Motivation, Product Knowledge,

State Laws

Physical: 85 Hours

Permanent Waving, Relaxers, Shampooing, Nail Care, Facials,

Hair Coloring/Lightening, Haircutting, Clinic Floor Management

Total Hours: 300 Hours

Required Total: 300 Hours

Curriculum Total:   300 Hours

*Orientation is included under GENERAL section of the curriculum.